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Infrastructure projects

Infrastructure projects

There are a special demand for consulting service is being built in the commercial real estate markets of Moscow and other big cities, and the increasing demand is caused by the expanding need to build a lot of transport infrastructure objects. Thus, the companies have to implement difficult projects, combining commercial real estate and urban transportation functions, taking into account the factors of city environment.


NAI Becar has developed 21 transport hub concepts, ordered by OJSC "RZD - railway stations development". The concepts denoted renovations for the following hubs: Locinoostrovskaya, Los, Malenkovskaya, Plocshad Il’icha, Aviamotornaya, Novogireevo, Moskvorech’e, Nagatinskaya, Varshavskaya, Biryulyevo-Tovarnaya, Biryulyevo-passazhirskaya, Ochakovo, Matveevskaya, Setun’, Skolkovo, Kuntsevskaya, Fili, Khovrino, Degunino, Lianozovo, Grazhdanskaya.

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